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A Cthonian looks almost exactly like a human with the exception of hair and eyes. The hair can be any shade as can be the eyes but the eyes have a vertical slit in them much like a cats eye. The real changes from the human stock come on the inside with a second heart and a third lung which help the Cthonians naturally slow metabolism. The largest change however comes from the entire race being born and living in warp 10+ speeds almost permanently this has caused intense stress to the Cthonians bodies and due to the nature of the stress the Cthonian body does not age after the end of puberty. Rumors indicate that Cthonians can share this ability but these have yet to be proven. While weaker than an average human by approximately half the Cthonian race makes up for this deficiency with abnormal speed and intelligence.

Cthonian technology is based mainly around time/space energy and gravitational manipulation as they technically do not exist in any time frame. Mainly a peaceful culture the Cthonians temporal time/space shielding make their ships when they do engage virtually invincible. There have been unreported incidents amongst both the Cthonian and Q species of a standstill where the Cthonian shield withstood the Q's firepower. This rumor has yet to be, and most likely will never be, field tested.

Cthonian culture is based on a great house/council system much like the Klingon race in the federation dimension. The Cthonian races are recluses for the most part with only a few wanderers coming into real space every thousand years. These wanderers show a remarkable sense of honor and "honesty" they will not lie but neither will the tell the entire truth to an untrusted person. Due to the pre "stabilized time travel" level of technology of the rest of the galaxy Cthonians Do not directly share the technology that would undoubtedly lead to an intergalactic cessation of all life.
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